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Randy Lewis, Chef/Owner

Growing up, Randy and his siblings were raised by a single father who worked hard to provide for his children. Many skills were taught by their father, but cooking is what really stuck with Randy. He has fond memories of not only cooking with his father, but also cooking independently and having dinner ready for his family when his father returned home from work. Reminiscing about his eleventh birthday, Randy's father took him to Johnny Garlic's restaurant in Santa Rosa, California. It was not too busy that night, so the Chef came to the table to take their order. When he found out it was Randy's birthday,  he asked if Randy would like to come in the kitchen and make his own meal. Of all the things on the menu, Randy chose BBQ chicken pizza. And this was where the journey began. 


With 16 years in the food industry, Randy worked his way up the culinary ladder. He started as a deli and meat clerk at a grocery store, then transitioned to a dishwasher and prep cook at a camp for the blind and visually impaired. After just a year of working in the camp's kitchen, he was promoted to head dinner cook. In 2014, Randy enrolled in the culinary program at the Napa Valley Cooking School and completed his externship at Bon Appetit @ Google in Sunnyvale, California. After a combined time of five years working for Bon Appetit, Randy decided to leave to pursue his life-long dream of owning his own business.  


Randy Lewis and wife, Anh-Thu Lewis, on graduation day from culinary school.

November 1, 2014


HEARTH Wood Fired Pizza & Catering is a small, family-owned business, spearheaded by Chef/Owner, Randy Lewis. With over 15 years in the food industry, we are committed to providing superb customer service, exceeding expectations, delighting the palate with fresh, seasonal ingredients and elevating the dining experience. We are passionate about saturating your taste buds with vibrant flavors while forging memories with your favorite people.

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Randy Lewis


Anh-Thu Lewis

Co-Owner and Boss Lady

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